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Couture Day of the Dead Skirt, Black Gothic Skirt, Tattoo Pin Up Skirt, Black Ball Gown Skirt, Neo Victorian Skirt, Steampunk Skirt


Original Reversible Sexy Ball Gown Skirt.

Vintage Beautiful Black Fabric.

Designer Day Of The Dead Cotton.

Removable Tulle.

Back Zipper.

Adjustable Grommet Sides.

Size Varies With Grommet Elastic Ties.

Grommets Touching Waist 23 in Hips 29 inches.


Original reversible sexy grommet ball gown skirt with removable tulle bottom. My original reversible pattern I created with adjustable sexy grommet tie sides and removable tulle bottom. Looks Amazing worn both sides!! The Tattoo Pin Up Day of the Dead side can be worn two ways, without the bottom tulle for a simple look with red satin ribbon trim or with the tulle attached by velcro trim for a formal look.

The solid black side will add flair to any outfit. It also can be worn with or without the tulle. The Pin Up Day of the Dead images are incredible!! I created this design with adjustable grommet sides for two reasons. First and most important I love the tease of a long high waisted skirt with only the sides exposed. It’s always a surprise when you walk by. With this design the more skin exposed the sexier. The second reason is you never out grow your skirt. Just increase the grommet spacing which makes it even sexier. I’ve added elastic as the ties for freedom of movement. I’ve perfected this design over the last 15 years and wear mine frequently especially when I go out dancing. The skirt moves like many waves and always brings eyes on you!! Feel free to message me for more info or questions.

Original one of a kind reversible skirt.
Adjustable grommet sides tied with elastic for freedom of movement.
Perfectly fabric matched back zipper.
Detachable tulle under layer.
Black bias binding on bottom hem.

Black fabric is a vintage with a beautiful black weave pattern.
Matched weave pattern for a v effect.
Top stitched.
Seams hidden with red ribbon.
Adjustable grommet sides.

Tattoo Pin Up day of the Dead designer cotton.
Bottom hem has a velcro trim to attach tulle.
Perfectly fabric matched back zipper.
Adjustable grommet sides.

Size: Varies with grommet spacing.
Smallest size with grommets laced and touching (Waist 23 inches Hips 29 inches).
Length 44 inches.

Washing: Being hand made using vintage fabrics best to
1. Hand wash cold water using dark color woolite.
2. Rinse and wring gently out in cold water.
3. Drip dry on a skirt hanger pin up side facing out.
4. Iron pin up on cotton setting and black on polyester setting.

Or you may dry clean.

Hand made in Hollywood Florida.

Thank you for supporting hand made!!

Additional information

Weight 53 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in


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